Is configuration data cached?

We cache app configuration data to save on bandwidth & resources. so, whenever a user opens Mint, the app will check if there's newer data returned by the server. By default, we save cached data in private Shared Preferences.


How can I trust protecting my data and privacy?

Every user has their own Secretive API Key (SAK) to control their app privately, and all customer and user data like usernames and passwords are encrypted using a sophiticated hashing algorithm, which means that even Picassos team CANNOT access any hashed user/customer data.


Do I have to download Console Desktop?

No, the web version is as capable as the desktop app. However, we highly recommend using Console Desktop instead, as it's more secure and consumes less resources than a typical browser. In addition, the Mint Console website is still BETA.


What is Mint Console?

Mint Console is the official tool to control your Mint application easily without the need to even update your app.


What is the Mint App?

Mint is a multi-purpose Android web-view app that works with Remote Configuration, it's a Well-designed & reliable app to convert your WordPress, business website, Pinterest, and a whole lot more into a fully-native Android app.