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Mint console is available for
Download mint console for android.
Download mint console for IOS.
Mint console is available for
Download mint console for android.
Download mint console for IOS.
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Works effortessly, no deployment needed.

Mint is built with remote configuration, enabling online control and modification without the need to deploy newer versions, it works like magic!

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Boost your business with Mint Console

Our utility set enables you to send custom notifications, integrate a complete log-in system, monetize your app with a unique ad experience, and access your business data right through your Console.

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Trusted by 160+ businesses.

Mint is benefiting more than 160 business globally, handling all their users on a daily basis, and it's built to handle hundreds of thousands of users at any given point in time!

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20 minutes to create a mint console account and build your app.

20 minutes to create your account & start building your app.

it's easy, are two words that wrap the account creation process up.

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Control design online with +20 different design options.

Re-design your app online
with 20+ design options.

With Mint, you can access 20+ different designs that apply to your app instantly!

anaged to handle millions of users.

Built to handle millions of users.

Mint's remote config can handle up to a 100k user everyday. However, it will consume only ~ 7.61 GB of monthly bandwidth for the entire 100K, unlocking enough capacity to handle millions of users a day!

Why Trust Mint Console?

What makes Mint Console is your best choice when launching a new business?

With two-factor authentication, we backup all our databases every two hours, which sums up to 365 backups a month.

We consistently release two Mint updates a month, a Mint Console update every three days, and a documentation update every five days.

And in the background, an efficient AI system is analyzing data and inputs, to create a better user experience for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for concerns about using data, backups and how we deal with console's system.


Is configuration data cached?

We cache app configuration data to save on bandwidth & resources. So, whenever a user opens Mint, the app will check if there's newer data returned by the server. By default, we save cached data in private Shared Preferences.


Is Mint's account system private?

For every account created, our system generates a unique token for the customer & uses it to link all their projects to their account for easy & secure access to all their project files and configuration management kit. And regarding user/customer data, we use a sophisticated hashing algorithm to encrypt all private data, which includes usernames, passwords, and account information, which means even Picassos Team cannot access any of the encrypted data.


What is Mint Console?

Mint Console is the tool we've built for you to configure and control your Mint Android App and it works flawlessly with its beautiful UX design & convenient control options. Console enables you to do limitless things with your Android app and it's available on all platforms on the web & natively as an app on Windows and Android through Console's website or the Google Play Store. And currently, we're working on bringing native Console apps to more platforms.


What is the Mint App?

Mint is a webview & multi-purpose Android app that works with Remote Configuration, allowing you to update your app online without the need to publish any new updates to the Google Play Store. Mint is a Well-designed & reliable app for your WordPress, business website, Youtube or Vimeo Channel, Facebook Page, Pinterest, and a lot more. Mint comes with plenty of features, such as dark mode built-in, custom CSS for our fellow developers, log-in providers pre-configured, and many many others!

Mint is available for purchase on Codecanyon right now, check it out!

Picassos team started blogging.

We are so happy to design, develop and blog a blog. We share what we can do there!

Build your dream app today!

What are you waiting for? We provide a great design and an app with remote config.